MSO: J0132
Customer: Chapple
City/Town: Barwick, ON
Delivery Date: May 2021
Model Year: 2021
Chassis Make: Freightliner
Chassis Model: M2-106
Pump: Hale RSD1250
Body Style: Tandem Fire  Tanker
Tank Construction: Co-

Poly (2,300 Imperial Gallons)

Salesman:  Bob Lock Northern Ontario Sales Manager   [email protected] 1-800-565-3473

Whelen Emergency Lights / FRC Scene Light Package /  Command Light / CET Portable Pump / Hard Hose bed covers / Tundra 2500 Invertor / Foam Pro 2001 Class A / Zico hydraulic porta-tank rack with cover / 2500 IG Husky Porta-tank / Stainless Steel  Dump valve with 180 degree swivel and 36” chute / 4” Fireman’s Friend direct tank fill / Internal suction hose storage