Bronto Skylift F116 RLP

Fort Garry Fire Trucks is a proud distributor of sales, service, and parts for the versatile Bronto aerial platforms. Our Bronto Skylift F116 RLP was our first demo unit built after being named as a North American distributor for Bronto Skylift. The RLP aerial ladder platforms provide safety and versatility for your firefighting operations. Efficient height to weight ratio and compact design ensure easy transportation. Furthermore, they challenge conventional fire ladders and outperform them as a significantly more efficient and versatile choice.

Fighting Fire at any Height

Our Bronto Skylift F116RLP demo unit incorporates global market-leading technology in truck-mounted, articulating aerial rescue and fire fighting devices with the industry-leading custom fire apparatus cab and chassis, the Spartan Gladiator. It also features an advanced protection system and our heavy-duty extruded tube 5083 saltwater marine-grade aluminum body which features our 20-year warranty.

F116 RLP Key Features

  • 565 HP Spartan Gladiator Chassis
  • 2000 USG Hale Midship Pump
  • 300 IG Water Tank
  • Up-and-over capabilities enable safe reach behind obstacles such as parapet walls
  • Below grade capabilities enable safe reach below bridges or in retention ponds
  • Firefighters can enter platform at ground level for maximum safety
  • Ultimate maneuverability within the platform operating envelope
  • Maximum stability guided by computerized systems
  • Short jacking capabilities for smaller outrigger footprint innarrow streets

Drawing Specifications

Front and Driver Side Profile

Rear and Curbside Profile