About Fort Garry Fire Trucks
Fort Garry Fire Trucks (FGFT) builds fire trucks, custom-built pumpers, aerial ladders, water delivery tankers and related fire-fighting equipment. Customers are mainly cities, towns, and municipalities throughout Canada the US and abroad.

The entire engineering department of FGFT is devoted to the design and production of equipment for the most extreme conditions in the world, in addition to offering Rubber Manufacturing and Parts and Servicing.

FGFT is on the leading edge of manufacturing, in both technique and design. Our extreme body design has lead us to become the largest builder of fire apparatus in Canada.

To do this, FGFT made many important changes including certification in the I.S.O. 9001 quality program. This certification served to focus the entire team on meeting and exceeding their customer's expectations.

FGFT's rubber division is a versatile example of the craftsmanship that has grown with the company. While being a small part of the business, it is the one the company was founded on. In addition to custom-designed steel and rubber moulded products, Fort Garry Fire Trucks relines hi-rail wheels for railway companies, makes tarp straps for truckers. It also does a lot of work for the mining and printing industries such as recovering and remanufacturing press rollers and installing rubber liners in tanks.

Fort Garry Fire Trucks Ltd was founded on the support of its many customers, and on the efforts of its employees, and suppliers. Our ongoing desire to meet the ever changing needs of our customers will ensure Fort Garry Fire Trucks continued prosperity well into the future. We look proudly towards our mission of engineering our truck for the extreme and delivering value to our customers.
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